Russian Politics Is Hilarious: Russia’s Next President

While the US politics is dramatic and filled with tensions, Russian politics is absolutely hilarious. Probably, not for the Russian people, but for those of us who observe the events in the country from the outside, Russian politics offers an endless supply of material for jokes.

The people of Russia are preparing for the elections. Today, Russian leaders made an announcement that Prime-Minister Putin will “run” for President. As you must remember, Putin had moved out of the Presidential seat for the last elections and allowed his puppet Dmitri Medvedev to take his place. This was done to pretend that Putin respected the Constitution that didn’t allow him to run for the third term. Now, after Medvedev’s interim Presidency during which this poor puppet didn’t dare to breathe without Putin’s approval, Putin will move back into the President’s office once again. When his new two terms expire, he will probably perform the same trick: appoint some interim schmuck as President, sit out his term as the Prime-Minister, and become President all over again.

This has all been decided before the elections because the elections in Russia have become such a joke that nobody in their right mind takes them seriously. To give an especially egregious example, one of the leaders of one of the strongest parties of the opposition discovered – to his huge surprise – that at the polling station where he and his family voted, not a single vote had been given to his party.

Putin’s ruling party has become so shameless that it just ships in fake ballots by the kilo and substitutes all the actual ballots people deposited in the voting booths.

This is why when I hear people talk about “democracy in Russia” and the “collapse of the Soviet Union” I always have uncontrollable fits of laughter.

22 thoughts on “Russian Politics Is Hilarious: Russia’s Next President”

  1. Republicans did not win election / which placed them in govt
    such was gained via massive voting fraud a aided by a corrupt
    supreme court ruling /that placing a republican party in govt.

    In govt republicans declared a holy christian crusade against
    ISLAM (MUSLIMS) Pres Bush declaring that he being Gods chosen
    in leading such holy crusade. Thus abandoment of international
    law // domestic law abandoned // rights of the people stropped
    from them. / Thus a republican govt started a military rampage
    through the middle east / result /hundreds of thousands killed
    the destruction / suffering //injustice / having no boundaries.

    Such not enough / the republicans while in govt removed banking
    regulations /thus their many wealthy party funders / supporters
    could make fast overnight money in shuffling money bank to bank
    making them a fortune/$millions in fraudulant interest payments.

    Banking regulations removed opened the door to banking fraud on
    an massive scale in bringing an western banking crisis followed
    by a western banking collapse /thus in bringing a dire situation
    for americans millions made unemployed /whom now live in poverty.

    With RUSSIA one seeing the opposite /where having sound political judgement / millions freed from poverty. Whom lives have improved
    thus a people that can as do stand in praise of their politicians
    whom gladly vote return them to govt / time after time after time.


    1. I don’t understand who has been freed from poverty in Russia and by whom. Russia has a lot of money from its natural resources right now and some tiny scraps of it do go towards keeping regular people somewhat OK financially. However, we all know what happens to economies that are completely dependent on raw materials and produce nothing of their own.

      As for Bush, even though the results of his first election were, indeed, suspect, he won the second time completely fairly. And this tells us a lot.


      1. bloggercla / you have a good sense of humor a
        sense of humor that common of western nations.

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          1. bloggercla / you have every right to be
            timid toward religious organization….
            they have yearly turnovers of $millions
            all taken in deceit which based upon an
            entry into a false heaven / that being
            somewhere /someplace beyond/ the clouds.

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  2. I was going to ask your opinion of this – thanks for providing the ‘insider’ view. I didn’t want to arbitrarily cast dispersions on the Russian electoral system – but you’ve confirmed what I suspected.


    1. The situation is really bad for people in Russia who want to show their disapproval of the ruling party. They can’t boycott the elections because this will give their votes directly to the ruling party. So now many of them will be forced to vote for the Communists – the only alternative – even though they might be fiercely anti-Communist.

      I watched a video of the geneal meeting of the ruling party yesterday, and it looked so much like Brezhnev’s era that it was scary.


  3. One can’t help but feel sorry for Gorbachev. After everything he worked for, things have barley changed at all.
    Personally I’d argue that things would have been better for Russian if he’d have stayed in power in a much less authoritarian state. I am just an ignorant 17 year old English kid though, so feel free to disagree with me.


    1. If hugely intelligent English kids seem to be interested in the topic, maybe I should blog more about this issue. Who’s actually ignorant in this situation is the majority of Western journalists who publish really weird stuff about Russia and Ukraine without even trying to verify anything.


    2. Jaime / your news source only coming from the
      USA 24/7 republican media brainwashing …..
      though true your having a good sense of humor.

      I suggest to you as suggested to bloggercla it
      would be unto your great benefit if connecting


      1. Both Clarissa and Jaime mention that Jaime’s nationality is English, and you still say that his news is coming from “USA 24/7 republican media brainwashing”?
        Surely you must have heard of a kind of a little network known as the BBC at some point in your life? It’s kind of a big deal.


        1. nominatissin / the BBC but spins out its version
          of USA 24/7 media brainwashing // it being a USA
          administration though the media that chose which
          political party in being govt as whom be the PM.

          The british people as american people ( though
          true /the british not as media brainwashed as
          americans /yet in truth have very little say in
          govt policy british govt do as a USA Admin bid.

          The reality the USA the world leading military
          power thus a british govt / have little choice
          but a military union with the USA dispite the
          horror in having been committed by a USA Admin.


      2. Yes, as an ardent Socialist I am living proof that Republican Propaganda has completely addled my independent though processes.
        Obvious troll is obvious.


        1. Jaime / the reality / you simply don’t
          understand how brainwashed you are via
          the 24/7 media spin / on the BBC NEWS
          BBC staff interview BBC staff or their
          friends in the newspaper realm / as be
          politicians // the general public are
          but as always brushed from the picture.

          A supposed live political prog is that of
          question time /even such is not live but
          recorded. Thus edited if questions asked challenging the lies deceit being told.


          1. The hilarity of seeing you switch your attack from the ‘Republican media’ to the BBC when you find out I am British.

            And I was fully aware that Question Time is pre-recorded.


            1. This was just a silly little troll out to sell tapes of some weird guru or something. I think I’ll just ban him. Unless people find him entertaining and want him here to make fun of him. 🙂


            2. Jaime / the situation for millions of peole worldwide being
              dire we can but come to the aid of many brothers sisters
              whom experience great injustice /deprived of basic rights.


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