No, the Creative Class Is Not Dead. Mainstream Journalism Is

Whenever I read the following kind of pronouncement

The dream of a laptop-powered “knowledge class” is dead. The media is melting. Blame the economy — and the Web

I know that I’m seeing an article written by a mainstream journalist who is throwing a hissy fit at the idea that the hoi-polloi now have means of making themselves heard. And what’s even more upsetting, all those bloggers and Twitterers are doing a much better job of keeping people informed, entertained, and intellectually engaged than any conventional journalist ever could.

There is no ” fading creative class”. What we are seeing is a very positive and promising displacement of all these boring Doothats, Timbergs, and Wolfs who can’t see further than their partisan allegiances and keep regaling us with an endless rehashing of the same ancient platitudes with true creators, intellectuals, artists, and journalists.

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