Random Questions to the Universe

What is it with the weird trend of releasing several destined-to-be-bestsellers books on the same day? This creates an undue stress on the readers who have no idea which book to read first. It isn’t like books are TV shows that are scheduled against each other on different channels to attract advertisers, right? So what is the point of scheduling books to be released this way? In case anybody is wondering, here and here are the books I’m eagerly awaiting. Feel free to make fun, I don’t care.

Also, what is it with referring to people as “trolls” because they visited your stupid blog all of one time and left one very polite comment expressing their disagreement with your post? If you don’t know what a real troll is like, come over to my blog and I’ll happily share some of my real trolls with you. Does it make unpopular bloggers feel important to claim they have been trolled?

And how come my post “I’m Not American” is exactly fours times more popular than my post “I’m American“? What does it tell us about people’s reading preferences, huh? And then I get told that I spread negativity. Positive, feel-good posts are of no interest to people. And that is hardly my fault. Just try to venture a guess which post will be more popular, “I Hate My Students / Job / Boss / Husband / Neighbor / Life” or “I Love My Students / Job / Boss / Husband / Neighbor / Life”.

What is it that one needs to smoke and in what quantity to leave this kind of weird review on Amazon?

And, finally, do you also get the feeling that this will become a regular series on the blog?

16 thoughts on “Random Questions to the Universe

  1. Great a chance to be unsympathetic 🙂

    “This creates an undue stress on the readers who have no idea which book to read first.”

    Your mithering because you have a choice of reading? As my wife says “If that is the worst thing that ever happens to you then you are having a pretty nice life” 🙂

    I pointed this post out to my wife who reads a lot of crime. Her opinion is read the one by Haruki Murakami and don’t even buy the one by Gresham. In her words “He writes legal thrillers, there crap”. She is a lawyer so maybe a slight bias is involved.


      1. Did you see the price of that camera? Products that cost that much often get ONLY sarcastic reviews. There were some speaker cables that cost a quarter of a million dollars or something that got numerous over-the-top sarcastic reviews, for example.


      2. Are you familiar with that particular camera!? It seems comparable to a 6-7K camera, just has a lot of fancy titanium and leather touches.


  2. Negativity is often more intriguing than positive statements because they introduce a level of complexity. As Nietzsche says, the devil has the widest perspectives for God.


  3. Is that a camera you fancy and wish to possess? Take it from someone who makes do with midlevel Canon point-and-shoots — there is absolutely no need to fork out more than $500 for a SLR (minus tripods and additional lenses). They are as divine as you wish any photographs to be, unless you want to photograph constellations and blow them up to cover entire walls.

    I am saving up for a DSLR myself, though, so perhaps I should shut up.


    1. This has nothing to do with me. I take all photos with my cell phone and as you can judge from the billionaire’s pasta photo, they come out great.

      I’m just annoyed with the smug tone of the loser who bashes a product he obviously never tried just because he can’t afford it.


      1. I’m pretty sure he was joking about it. As was the other guy. I mean, can you imagine how long it would take to earn 27K doing paper routes?


  4. The only Leica 10715 M9 I could find was the $27,000 one on Amazon, but if you google just Leica M9 you get a ton of hits around $7000. So, even if it isn’t a mispriced item the two reviewers think it is, I’ll bet.

    Have you ever seen the three wolves t-shirt reviews? Here.. I think they were the original joke reviews on Amazon. My favorites though are the steering wheel laptop desk ones because of the customer images.


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