Students Across the Street

A couple of kids from across the street knocked on my door yesterday.

“We will be having a party on Saturday,” they say, “so we wanted to give you our phone number to call in case you are bothered by the music or the noise.”

“Are you students at our university?” I asked.

“Yes,” the kids said.

“I teach there,” I shared.

“Oh,” one of them said in a small voice. “Will it still be OK for us to have our party?”

“Oh yes,” I responded. “I work at the Department of Foreign Languages and we are a very fun bunch. We love partying. What foreign language are you taking?”

Then we had a small advising session right on my doorstep.

4 thoughts on “Students Across the Street”

  1. Well that’s nice. You must live in a nice area and by nice I mean kind.There’s no way my neighbors would be so considerate.

    I have students around the corner from me too – they always invite me over for BBQs but I never go. I feel it would be inappropriate since I am only 10 years older than some. What do you think?


  2. Are you one of those people that can turn “Just buying some milk” into “I spent 2 hours standing in the cold and chatting about stuff” ?


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