“You Don’t Look Sick”

People keep telling me that I “don’t look sick” whatever that means.

I informed my students that I was sick which was why I wasn’t going to talk a whole lot. At the end of the class, a student came up to me.

“Are you sure you are sick?” she asked while I squinted, trying to keep her in focus. “You look very healthy.”

After I left the classroom and went to my office, making an effort to walk in a straight line, I met a colleague who started telling me a long and convoluted story.

“I’m sorry, I have a very hard time following this,” I confessed. “I’m very sick.”

“Really?” the colleague asked sarcastically. “You don’t look sick.”

Then, I went to the coffee-shop and asked for some hot water to dilute my medication.

“I know, I know,” I said in response to the barista’s suspicious stare. “I don’t look sick.”

“If you are hoping that your prof will believe you and let you go home, you are not doing a very good job,” the barista responded.

Now I’m wondering, what do people do that I’m not doing right now to look convincingly sick?

P.S. Yes, the reason why my writing has become so lousy is because I’M SICK!

14 thoughts on ““You Don’t Look Sick”

  1. I’m facing this trouble, too. People keep telling me that I need to get more sleep. But mono makes a person very tired, no matter how much sleep they’ve gotten!


      1. You’re the first person that I’ve ever met to make such a comment. I feel exactly the same and I agree 100%.

        I’d get the “you don’t look sick” stuff all the time too. I’ve been sick for months though and it makes me very tired. I have severe allergies and given that have been dealing with constant sinus infections and don’t sleep well. I used to hear people say that they didn’t believe in allergies and thought it was all in your head and psychological, etc. I’m currently in treatment and hoping it will help. Oh, and I so understand how you feel. I think I’ve become more indifferent towards many people because of these behaviors.

        I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Regarding the chronic sinus infections, Private Miss, get a nasal steroid spray, do plenty of exercise and consider adding a bit of raw, crushed garlic to your diet. For the allergies, take oral antihistamines, and have some antihistamine eyedrops handy. To get plenty of deep sleep, use a mask to cover your eyes whilst sleeping.


    1. musteryou,

      Are you a doctor or nurse? FYI, I’m seeing an allergist because all of what you list, which I was doing, was no longer helping my issues–that is what I meant by that I’m currently in treatment. Thank you for your advice though as I’m thinking you meant well.


  3. Oh, I hate the “you don’t look sick” line. As someone who’s spent over half her life dealing with a chronic pain condition, all it makes me want to do is drop kick the person who said it… when I am feeling better.

    Either way, here’s hoping you’re feeling better soon!


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