A Family of Weirdos

We are a family of weirdos of the first order. If you thought I was weird, listen to this true story about N.

I make lunch for him to take to work every day except Friday. On Friday, the company orders takeout for all employees and they share a meal. Every time they try to choose a new restaurant.

N. never asks for the menu when he orders his Friday lunch. He likes to be surprised. So he enters the names of every employee in the company (it’s not a large company) into a program that assigns random numbers to their names. Then, he chooses a colleague who has been randomly assigned the greatest number and orders the same food as s/he does.

Is that the weirdest way to order food or what? To me, this sounds especially strange because, as a Ukrainian, I have a famine complex and the idea of relinquishing control over my food is terrifying.

2 thoughts on “A Family of Weirdos

  1. That is weird if you’re not a mathematician but entirely logical if you’re that way inclined. They make up these systems just for the fun of it, because they can.


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