The Kind of Magic Show I Prefer

N. and I are talking about magic shows.

“I wouldn’t mind going to a magic show,” I say. “But not the kind where the magician is chained to the bottom of an aquarium and has to escape. I don’t like that kind of magic show. I’d much rather see a show where the magician takes rabbits out of a hat. And then cooks them. A nice sauce, a garnish. He could use some herbs. . .”

Then I realize that it’s probably a cooking show that I need to watch.

Whoever Barks At Me Will Be Barked At In Return

I just want to warn everybody yet again that anybody who comes to my blog, a place where I sit quietly and inoffensively, expressing my opinions in my own small corner of the Internet, and insults, rubishes or offends me in any way will be immediately barked at in return in a way s/he will not soon forget. I do not troll people on their blogs and I will not be trolled on mine.

Go look for a victim someplace else. There aren’t any here.