Still Not Home

After traveling for I don’t even remember how long, I’m still not home yet. It will take at least 3 more hours to get home.

This has been a journey from hell, people, with every single thing that could potentially go wrong going majorly wrong. On the way, I have encountered a bunch of extremely rude and aggravating Israelis, Dutchmen, Russians, and Slovaks and an extremely nice and helpful gentleman from Lawrence, Kansas.

To give you an idea of how I look after all this traveling and stressing out, here is what happened to me at the end of the flight from London to Chicago. I was sitting next to a gentleman of a very advanced age. I think he could easily be my grandfather. The flight attendant, however, asked me to pass a snack to this gentleman and referred to him as my husband. I’m not even upset because I kind of do look like I’m eighty right now.

And while I was writing this post, my flight out of Chicago was delayed once again. I think I’ll have to send a photo of how I look right now to my actual husband so that he can identify me at the St. Louis airport.

First Check for Assholes

I loved this poster so much that I had to steal it from one brilliant blogger. Unlike her, I don’t have anything intelligent to say on the subject except, “And that’s my point exactly!”

Seriously, though. Low self-esteem doesn’t appear in a vacuum. You need to find out who created it in you and is now still fostering it. Then, you need to undermine the influence of those people on your life dramatically.