I’ve been so busy that words fail me when I try to describe everything I’ve been doing these days. This is why I’m kind of out the loop about this hurricane that is supposing to be on its way. But now that people I haven’t talked to in years are calling to ask if I’m all right, I have started to worry.

Does anybody know if the St. Louis area is in the path of the hurricane? Could you look it up for me, please? Should I be worried?

Stay safe, folks!

23 thoughts on “Hurricane

  1. The hurricane should not be a problem for you. The latest forecast has it coming ashore in New Jersey and then wandering over Pennsylvania and upstate New York.


      1. Right now it’s raining in TO with 50 km/hr winds. The track appears to take it right through the suburbs of Montreal but, of course, the path could change over the next day or two.


  2. I’m in NYC – the hurricane hasn’t made landfall yet, but already there’s a good deal of flooding here and also in NJ (Atlantic City is for the most part flooded). Though the increasing wind force is causing damage and adding to the danger, it’s not the wind that’s the most worrisome issue but the surging water levels. There are power outages in many places too. The storm is also expected to cause heavy blizzards in the Appalachians and some other places. This is a freakish storm, not a typical hurricane (which would have been bad enough).


  3. I don’t think so. If anything you might be brushed, but I doubt it–I’m in Rhode Island right now and it’s poor weather but it isn’t horrible. So even if you do get brushed, I wouldn’t worry overly much.


  4. How do think that the hurricane will affect the presidential election? On one hand, Obama hasn’t been out campaigning for three days so this might be a negative for the last few days of the election campaign and NY as well as most of the other states affected are blue states so a lower turn out of voters will certainly hurt his percentage of the popular vote. On the other hand, he can appear presidential,in charge and non partisan while Romney’s previous words on disbanding FEMA are coming back to haunt him.


      1. From Riverdaughter in New Jersey today.

        “If you are in a Sandy impact zone, call your congressman and senators and let them know how disappointed you are that AT&T and the other telecoms are using their data allowance caps to extort money from you in the absence of landline and wifi accessibility. Tell them that this disaster has taught you that the telecomms who provide cell service are actually public utilities and that they should be regulated like a public utility.

        Also let them know that without the aid of their phones and iPads, it will be impossible for you to find out where your polling place is next week so you may not be able to vote for them. That ought to wake the elected officials up.”


  5. Blog to read.

    A researcher and feminist trying to survive in post apocalyptic New Jersey. All sorts of stuff about living in NJ after Sandy that you don’t hear about in the mass media such as years of cancer research going down the drain when the freezers went off. Well worth a read.


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