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Folks at the conference I’m attending seem to have no idea that the Midwest exists. They have already provided me with 3 different appellations for my state of Illinois.

The program refers to it as “Illionis.” The certificate I get for attending the conference calls it “Ilinnois.” But the prize for the most convoluted spelling goes to the badge I have to wear on my chest. It claims that I’m from “Illionnois.”


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9 thoughts on “Illionis

  1. That’s horrible! You’d think they’d check and recheck spellings like that.


  2. Don’t mess up with this blue State! 😉


  3. Profesor F-B on said:

    And you’ll have to thank God that is a literature conference….


  4. Is this the face that launched a thousand ships
    And burned the topless towers of Illion?


  5. Fie Upon This Quiet life on said:

    Are you at MMLA? They ran out of conference programs this morning. You’d think they would print enough for the participants at least! I did get one but only because I got down to the registration area very early this morning.


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