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Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

There is starting to be some evidence, though based on very small numbers of patient records, that if people with HIV in the UK reach the age of 60, their life expectancy may actually be starting to exceed the average, possibly because of superior medical monitoring and treatment for people with HIV compared to other older people.”

On happy engagement vs false positives: “Believing in yourself is fine. Earnest exhortations to have a positive attitude, however, are not very useful, because a positive attitude cannot be willed into existence. If crippling negative thoughts are dominating your inner monologue, you cannot just replace them with a different, more positive sort of self talk.”

Oh, the annoying earnestness of the health nuts!

Sometimes one or another guy in one of my classes hangs around after class and doesn’t say anything but sort of looks sideways at me and I sort of smile at him, encouraging him to ask a question or make a comment or something. But he doesn’t say anything, and I gather my notebooks and walk out; and he follows me for a little, at some distance, and then, rather sadly, goes his way.” This happens to me, too! Students sometimes are unwilling to break the magic of the classroom as soon as the class ends.

Where is the harm in plagiarism?

Why housing co-ops keep failing: “Sadly, in too many cases — and I could cite other disasters but do not wish to get sued — the co-op experiment has all-too-often proven that most people are too busy with their lives to act as effective part-time administrators of something as complicated as running a big apartment building and the results have, as a result, been far from ideal.”

Boards of trustees are like sausages. But not in the good sense.

Masturbation strategies for women. When I was younger, I would get together with female friends, we would watch movies with female masturbation scenes filmed by clueless men, and laugh our heads off. This is why I believe this post might be very helpful for many people.

Trying to scare people with the terrifying word “Liberal.” Ooh, I’m shaking in my purple furry slippers.

Either men have the benefit of the doubt that children just might be safe around them as they answer that call (or benefit of the doubt that children just might be safe around men that make  comments in passing) or we continue on this path of damning any man that happens to be in the presence of a child.

Is there anything more ridiculous than ethics courses in business school?

Plagiarism fallacies. I have no idea why so many people defend plagiarism. Avoiding plagiarism is extremely easy: you simply have to avoid any intellectual sloppiness and you will never become a plagiarist.

Oral contraceptives (OCs) should be sold over the counter (OTC) in drugstores without a doctor’s prescription, according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (The College). Easier access to OCs should help lower the nation’s high unintended pregnancy rate, a rate that has not changed over the past 20 years and costs taxpayers an estimated $11.1 billion annually.” Finally!

Disgusting advertisement from Best Friends Animal Society. What is it with the pro-animal organizations that they invariably turn to promoting sexism?


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11 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

  1. Have you read about this? Femen, now Paris-based, decided to disturb an overwhelmingly large anti-gay protest . As a response, they and some journalists were beaten, chased and kicked by the protesters. I wrote about it here:


  2. Take action and help send an escapee from Q/CP to college.


  3. I looked at another episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. This one angered me because it used domestic violence as a premise for a plot line in such a way that it conveniently ignored the realities surrounding such issues.

    And wrote Eating Inquisition about a line of strange and rude food questioning from someone who was more or less a stranger.


  4. I just about died laughing at this article:
    Of course my next thought was “Clarissa would write a hilarious post about this article.” Enjoy!


  5. Benoni on said:

    “Masturbation strategies for women. When I was younger, I would get together with female friends, we would watch movies with female masturbation scenes filmed by clueless men, and laugh our heads off.”

    Couldn’t they have just asked the actress how it was done? I mean, why didn’t she say anything?


    • From what I’ve heard, you need to be an absolute super-mega-star to get the right to offer your perspective to the director. One Oscar isn’t enough to get there. And this is something that needs to be specified in the contract, otherwise actors don’t get the right to say a word to question the director’s vision.


  6. Ooooo. Thanks for the shout out.


  7. Professor Discovers Racial Profiling In Online Ads:

    “Dr. Latisha Smith, an expert in decompression sicknesses afflicting deep sea divers, has cleared criminal background checks throughout her medical career. Yet someone searching the Web for the Washington State physician might well come across an Internet ad suggesting she may have an arrest record.

    “Latisha Smith, arrested?” reads one such advertisement. Another says: “Latisha Smith Truth… Check Latisha Smith’s Arrests.”


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