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Correct Answer to the Question About Shoes

My favorite kind of shoes is. . . drumroll. . .


I do wear ballet flats all the time but not because I like them. I only do it because I’m a clumsy cow who can’t walk 10 feet without tripping up. Just this morning I almost fell down and two students had to catch me and keep me stable.

The winners of this question are:

FD who gave the very first answer and it was the correct one gets 1 point

Dame Eleanor gets 0.5 for getting the second guess right

And three more people who know me really well and who gave correct answers, too:

Marc2020 1

Titfortat 1

Saia Sakira 1

This was a difficult question that even my own husband couldn’t answer. Don’t worry, though, we will have many more questions, and everybody will get a chance to win.


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4 thoughts on “Correct Answer to the Question About Shoes

  1. Evelina Anville on said:

    Oh I was way off!! I got sidetracked because you commented a few days ago on your beautiful red boots and how were sad that it was too warm to wear them.


  2. Intriguing. I had a gut reaction about the Mary Janes, but ignored it because I thought you’d prefer the boots which were pretty fab.


  3. Hazel Catkins on said:

    So, calling yourself a stupid sheep is out, but clumsy cow is OK? What other epithets do you put yourself down with? Silly squirrel? Dumb donkey? Foolish foal? 😦

    Be kind to yourself!


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