How Well Do You Know Clarissa: My Name

I was named after (meaning my real name that will remain unmentioned):

A. My grandmother.

B. A famous Ukrainian writer.

C. A character from my father’s favorite novel.

D. My mother’s favorite doll.

E. My mother’s best friend.

F. My father’s first love.

G. My grandmother’s favorite brand of underwear.

H. My father’s favorite university professor.

15 thoughts on “How Well Do You Know Clarissa: My Name”

  1. I think you mentioned being similar to your grandmother and using her name, but I don’t remember if hers was “Clarissa” or your real name.



  2. I only just now realised that your real first name isn’t Clarissa. I never even questioned why a Ukrainian woman would have an English name.

    I am not a smart man.


  3. I remember you saying that you honoured your grandmother (or another female relative?) with your blog name, so that rules that out. Was it the character from the novel?


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