Answers to the Game

Here are the answers to the most recent questions of our “How well do you know Clarissa” contest:

1. When I was 13, my mother took her entire class on a trip to Moscow, and I went with them, too. It was 1989, and the perestroika was already transforming Moscow profoundly. My mother got us all tickets to see Gone With the Wind in a huge movie theater. This was when I saw Vivien Leigh for the first time and no other woman ever since could compete. So I had to limit myself to men since then. 🙂

2. I named this blog after my grandmother but, as for my real name, my mother named me after her favorite doll.



See more photos from this great collage here. The linked blog is in Russian but that doesn’t matter because the collage (titled “Motherly Love”) needs no words.

More questions and answers will follow. I’m keeping a tally with all the scores, so don’t worry.

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