Winter Legs

Since summer has made a brief reappearance here in St. Louis, I decided to go to work in my summer clothes. This was a mistake because legs look very sad at the end of January. They acquire this tragic color of Soviet sour-cream: very white with bluish tinges. Whenever I catch a glimpse of them sticking from under the skirt, I get scared.

Well, at least their color goes together with the blue necklace I’m wearing.

8 thoughts on “Winter Legs”

  1. I used to have very think skin indeed. Perhaps a mineral deficiency or something. I was also very, very scrawny. So, as a kid, I’d often get bruises on my shins from my carelessness and active lifestyle — and boy would they seem exaggerated when I was especially cold, for instance after swimming in the winter pool. Then I would virtually become purple.


    1. I also bruise very easily to the point where I constantly have to explain to people that I’m not being abused. People see me covered with bruises and start giving hateful looks to poor N.


      1. In Zimbabwe there was a lot of copper in the soil, so it may have accumulated in my system and blocked the absorption of other minerals. Who knows? I’ve never had the same problem of being susceptible to bruising in Australia.


  2. I know what you mean. Winter legs on me look like chicken legs, all bumpy with hairs and pale pink.
    Now I can’t wait for summer!


  3. Haha, I used to have Persil Blue legs too, but since moving to the south of France, they have acquired a vague year round tint and get brownish a lot quicker.


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