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“Extremely High Sexual Interest”

Many stupid things get written about sexuality. Here is one:

So, among the small number of people who have extremely high sexual interest, the overwhelming majority are male. Among the small number of people with extremely low interest, the overwhelming majority are women.

Apparently, this blogger has never met any women in their 40s and 50s. Because then she wouldn’t be publishing stupid things. Men are the overwhelming majority of people with extremely high sexual interest between the ages of 15 and 25. But that is not the only age group in existence.

At the population level, men, on average, have a higher interest in sex than women. At the same time, women, as a population are more variable than men are.

Erm, which population, lady? That of the planet? Seriously? Or just your own tiny Puritanical village? Because I can point you to one huge population where the case is the exact opposite. Actually, two huge populations. Or three.


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7 thoughts on ““Extremely High Sexual Interest”

  1. kelly on said:

    Very well said, Clarissa!


  2. Also being autistic means having a very extreme male mind.

    I made a video about how metaphysics had entered our contemporary thought, but most people don’t like to believe it has.

    The assumption that there are essences that pertain to certain identities, and that these are somehow independent of culture, experience, history, and so on, is a basic assumption that has nothing to do with reality.


  3. I am pretty sure that the idea that women reach their sexual “peak” or have an “extremely high sexual interest” in their 40s and 50s is some sort of cultural construct.


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