A Sin

I’m watching a Russian TV show on incest. A 22-year-old woman is cohabiting with her father, and they have two children together. The audience is shocked to the point where nobody can say anything. People are too horrified to form complete sentences on the subject.

The young woman, however, is oblivious to everybody’s reaction and sits there beaming.

“But don’t you realize that what you are doing is sinful?” a priest in the audience manages to squeeze out. “This is a horrible sin!”

“Oh no,” the woman reassures him. “This is not a sin.”

“What so you mean, this is not a sin?” asks the priest in a small voice, looking apoplectic.

“It can’t be a sin because I really like it!” the young woman delivers brightly.

Brooklyn College Controversy

It is always sad to see when two groups of equally stupid idiots descend on an educational institution:

Controversy had grown over the past week at the Midwood college, where nearly a fifth of the undergraduate population is Jewish, over the event organized by a student group, Students for Justice in Palestine. The college’s political science department agreed to co-sponsor the speakers along with more than two dozen other groups.

Jewish leaders on and off campus had criticized the college and its president, Karen L. Gould, for sponsoring the talk, which they said helped legitimize the B.D.S. movement, which refers to Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. Its goal is to pressure Israel to restore disputed territories and grant equal rights to Palestinians.

The unfortunately named BDS movement (are these folks trying to make themselves look ridiculous on purpose?) is, of course, a group of idjets who are incapable of producing even a marginally interesting, insightful analysis of anything. All they can do is try to attract attention to their vaguely worded cause by promoting a series of ahistorical and unintelligent comparisons of things that cannot be compared. I would only go to one of their events if my insomnia got too severe for me to handle in any other manner.

At the same time, people who think it is up to them to decide what other folks should or should not discuss are also idjets. They would be better served taking this intense need to control away from the BDS and straight to the BDSM movement. At least, there they would do their thing in a consensual and civilized way. Their stupid and hysterical actions have lent credibility and respectability to a movement that would have had none otherwise. Smart move, turning a bunch of boring fools into martyrs for the cause of academic freedom.

Just consider how smarter it would have been to issue a statement saying, “We support and respect the right of the BDS to hold their meetings and discussions.” No, they had to go and provide such amazing PR for this traveling circus instead.

Wondering. . .

Me: Josh, what is this that you handed in? Why is the bibliography not annotated? The syllabus specifies that this has to be an annotated bibliography, there are specific explanations on how to make one in the syllabus, I have sent out 4 reminders, and we spoke about this in person. What happened?

Student: Oh, I see! I’ve been wondering why you keep repeating “annotated bibliography,” “annotated bibliography”! I had no idea you actually meant we had to submit an annotated bibliography.


But of course nobody is going to beat the achievement of that student who asked, looking completely shocked, “Oh, so you meant the composition had to be in Spanish??” in a course titled Intermediate Spanish II.