Bunches of Sausages

I looked at the keyboard and saw bunches of sausages lying on it.

And then I realized: these are my fingers.

Does anybody know if they will ever go back to normal or am I doomed to carrying the sausages around for as long as I shall live?

14 thoughts on “Bunches of Sausages

    1. It’s good to know this will not be permanent! I used to have such elegant fingers that people kept asking if I were a piano player. (real piano players don’t have this kind of fingers, of course. They have strong muscular fingers.)


    1. Not a big fan of finger foods, are we?
      Don’t worry. My mother’s shoe size doubled while she was pregnant with me, but it went down after I was born.


      1. You know, there is something strange, but I think my father saw in me his mother and took an instant dislike to certain aspects of my character, which he tried to break down or change, so that he would not have to be maternally abandoned again. Yes, it sounds bizarre, but that is the best explanation for the strange events that have happened.


          1. Oh well. Would have been nice to have had an explanation for his absurd behavior much earlier on. People kept blaming me for it, and what was even more strange, they attributed gender stereotyped attitudes to me for complaining about the situation.

            Now, consider this. My father was targeting me because he had detected I was not particularly warm and emotional and people began saying that the reason he was targeting me was because I was quite the feminine stereotype after all, and my father was trying to bring me in line with a more rational ideal of emotional suppression.

            That is something I find bizarre to this day — the tendency of people to leap to the wrong conclusion and then to stick to it. He wasn’t fearful of my “emotion” but of the lack thereof, and he kept trying to break me down because of what he saw to be lacking.

            But anyone I tried to explain this to said, “No, no, no. It is the opposite. Men are rational. Women are emotional. By nature.”


  1. 🙂 Ah the joys of being pregnant in the summer. I was horribly swollen with my last pregnancy too, and it ended in late June. You will bear the brunt of July and August in the midwest… It’s all water retention, but I know, you feel gross. It does all go away, but may take a while. It took nearly a months for my ankles that were, I kid you not, twice their original size near the end, to go back to normal.
    You know what they say, drink lots of water, minimize sodium intake, and try to walk as much as you can…


    1. Yes, yesterday the swelling got to the feet. I noticed my feet and gasped in horror. They looked like nothing I’d been seeing for the 37 years before this moment. 🙂


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