My yearly ethics training just informed me that there is no penalty or retaliation for whistleblowing. Do the creators of the test realize how stupid they look at this particular moment?

5 thoughts on “Whistleblowing”

  1. “there is no penalty or retaliation for whistleblowing”

    From their point of view, that is correct. Cases which are subject to penalty or retaliation or labeled as something else, usually a violation of some particular rule…. VOILA! “Real” whistleblowers are not punished. They don’t actually seem to exist in this frame of reference, but that’s a minor, irrelevant point only brought up by uncooperative and difficult people (like you and me).


    1. That’s how ideology functions as a rule. There is no race barrier for decent nonwhites who we admit into our fold. If you’ve been excluded, perhaps you need to take a hard look at yourself to find out why. Also, women who are not hysterics are readily admitted to all sectors of society without question. Therefore, there is no patriarchy and no barriers to female success.


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