Mourning Outfit


For my return to campus, I have chosen the most unrelieved black I could find in my closet, complete with a black headband with black ribbons, a black handbg, black shoes, and even a black notebook I’m carrying in my hand. If people don’t clock on to what this means and don’t just let me be, I don’t know what else can be done.

I have already scared the postman when I opened the door to sign for a package. Now it’s time to traumatize everybody on campus. I’m trying to handle this with a degree of levity to relieve the stress, if you haven’t guessed.

8 thoughts on “Mourning Outfit”

  1. Having to graciously deal with people’s sincere condolences and expressions of good will can be a particularly challenging part of grieving. Intellectually it’s nice to know that people wish you well, but it’s not always fun to deal with in real time.

    Good luck with the first few campus visits. It’ll surely get easier but the first few times might be rough, not because of hostility or apathy but because people do like you and are concerned for you.


  2. Hugs to you. I hope people deal graciously with you and respect what you’re trying to say with your clothing. I did not mean to sound unduly flippant on the post after this. I apologize.


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