Pensacola Can Do Food Right

Finally, we found a place that knows how to cook fish. These colorful spaghetti are actually vegetables:


And sometimes a person deserves a spot of dessert. Especially when it comes in an edible basket:


Some people finish their meal in style:


It’s All About Love

I find all of the different readings people are providing of the Turkish artist’s work absolutely fascinating. Thank you for participating!

To me, Gurbuz’s painting with the birds in the middle of an ocean is about love. The bird who is free is in love with the caged bird. He could fly away if he wanted to but he knows that if he does, the caged bird will drop into the ocean. So he stays, sacrificing his freedom for the bird he loves. This is definition of love, in my opinion: choosing to carry a burden that is not yours.

And the piece with the interminable staircase is beautiful because I identify with the man with it. He is climbing the endless stairs but he is also carrying a ladder just in case the stairs end. He will need to keep climbing even if there is nothing left for him to climb.

More from Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu

Now look at this one:


I absolutely love it because I find it very inspiring. When I have a study of my own, I will put up a reproduction of this piece on a wall where I will always see it.

What does this piece tell you?

This artist has a language of his own, and this is why his art can be read like a book. Books, ladders and white birds are central to Gürbüz’s work.

Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu: A Riddle

Are you familiar with the work of Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu? He is an absolutely genius artist from Turkey. Here is an amazing painting by him:


When I first saw it, I was not impressed. But then I discovered what it was supposed to mean and was stunned by the profoundness of its meaning.

What title would you give to this painting for it to make sense?

More great art from Gürbüz under the fold.

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