Trampled Lives

Some people just make me sad:

When Dr. Bella Ellwood-Clayton began to research female sexual desire, she found a commonality among women in long-term relationships — one that many of us can surely relate to. While, initially, women’s libidos tended to match their male partners’, as the relationship progressed, sex fell lower and lower on the list of priorities.

Jennifer  Armstrong put it perfectly:

Another manufactured myth to make old biddies feel better about their trampled lives.

Very true.

Today at the jewelry store we were waiting for N.’s Mogen David to get fitted with a chain and saw an ad telling men to buy a ruby “to rekindle her desire.” Yes, because all women are whores whose desire needs to be stoked with jewelry.

Cyber Bully, Go Away!

It is unbelievable that the moment I published a post denouncing Bates’s exploitation of teaching faculty, some bully came to my blog saying s/he knows who I am and threatening me.

I’m sure this is some crazy who has nothing to do with Bates. There are always these freakazoids who troll people’s blogs trying to find fresh victims to persecute.

Bates College Is a Scam

I don’t get this argument as to how Bates College probably has an internal candidate for its 3-year lectureship in German and Russian, so it’s OK for them to put up such a job ad.

No, people, it is still not OK.

Let’s say Bates College has an internal candidate who agrees to be spit and defecated on as part of this lectureship. Let’s say this poor loser agrees to such work conditions of his own free will. Is it OK for Bates to advertise this kind of a position?

And if you see a difference between being spit and defecated on and a 3-year lectureship in German and Russian at Bates, then there is something wrong with your vision. Bates College is shitting on all of us right now. It deserves a shitstorm to hit it right back.

Shame on You, Bates College!

I have no idea what Bates College is but I have just discovered that it is filled with vicious, nasty, stupid creatures and deserves to be shamed, denounced, and denigrated from here to eternity. This stupid place is advertising a 3-year lectureship in German and Russian.

Can you believe the incredible cheapness and gall of these losers? They want to get two specialists for the price of one and don’t even have the decency to make it a tenure-track position. And the most ridiculous thing is that these freakazoids don’t even realize that Russian and German are not similar languages. They don’t belong to the same group of languages, they don’t even share an alphabet. Save for a few words that Russian borrowed from German, there is no significant affinity between them.

When a college offers a tenure-track in Spanish and French, I cringe at the cheapness, but at least the languages are related and it’s a permanent position that can make somebody happy. But a lectureship in German and Russian? Come on!

What’s next, people? A 3-year non-renewable lectureship in French and Quantum Physics? Or Comparative Literature and Geography?

Places like Bates College should be stopped before this practice becomes wide-spread. When an Internet campaign was unleashed against an administrator who wanted to extort faculty members, it took less than 48 hours of online shaming to bring her to apologize and choke on all of her vicious plans. If you weren’t following this blog at that time, here is how the campaign started. My post was #2 search on Google when looking for this administrator’s name. No wonder she crumbled under this sort of pressure.

Now I am beginning a campaign of shaming Bates College. I will persecute it until the first Google searches with its name reveal these disgusting facts about it. This is a strategy that works, and quite a few atrocities have been prevented through online awareness campaigns.

I have noticed that everybody likes to write at length about how much academia sucks but when it comes to something that can actually be done to improve things, nobody wants to participate except people in Australia and maybe one or two academics in North America. Rebecca Schuman is regularly posting detailed articles about appalling job ads like the one from Bates College. Where are similar posts from other people? Where are the specific lists of specific places that mistreat their faculty members? I can find a gazillion and three posts about tenure dying but nobody (except Schuman) is actually naming the killers.

Every college that has the gall to offer non-renewable, exploitative lectureship in non-existing fields should know that the academic community will fall on it like a ton of scholarly volumes from a dusty library shelf. Let’s start with Bates.

Bates College, you suck. Prospective students, don’t go to Bates. It is filled with people who don’t know the difference between Russian and German. This college is a joke, so stay away from it.

New Americans

Yesterday we got an invitation to a conference that says the following:

The bi-state St Louis region is a great place to live, work and build a business.  We have incredible assets, especially our people.  But our region has not grown as fast as other similar communities.  One reason is that, unlike other places, not as many New Americans have moved here.  Growing our immigrant population can raise wages, lower unemployment, increase new business starts, and boost real estate values.

This is something that I said the moment I moved to this area four years ago. (Here is proofHere is more proof.)  There is a desperate need for more immigrants in this area. And finally, somebody else is clocking onto this obvious fact.