Unmessed With

Thank you, dear reader from Pensacola who came by the blog and recommended good local restaurants. We followed your advice and found this really good seafood that had not been messed with in any unhealthy way.


Crazy News

So I decided to glance at my blog roll to see what is going on in the world. And discovered the following:

1. Everybody is optimistic about the default but cannot explain why.

2. Pogroms fueled by ethnic tensions started in Russia.

3. Four-year-olds are being trained to do multiple choice tests in New York which traumatized them (and with good reason).

4. A man in Alabama is paying good money to import Jewish families into his tiny town.

5. Somebody wrote a post essentially saying that I’m stupid without a slightest provocation on my part.

Please inform me when the news cycle gets better because for now I see no reason to go back to it.