Some People Are Not That Smart


I never got a grade lower than a B- on any assignment in any course ever in my entire life. So this is a very new experience.

And this is a new theme song I’m suggesting that N. should adopt:

3 thoughts on “Some People Are Not That Smart”

    1. Oh, I forgot to say. 🙂 Yes, it’s driving. And yes, I’m trying to memorize stupidly. And that is not working. If I could, say, imagine the difference between 20 and 15 feet, I could remember which one is the distance you need to leave between the car and a fire hydrant. And when we get to 100 and 200 feet, things are even worse.

      I was recently insisting to a doctor that I’m 65 feet tall, so you can imagine.


      1. Most drivers’ tests don’t ask distance questions. I would have failed if I had to know the distances in feet. For the fire hydrant, it’s the distance to leave enough room for a fire truck to pull up there without blocking the cars from getting out.


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