Tell Me Bill Maher Is Not an Idiot

“Rand Paul is an interesting candidate to me. Rand Paul could possibly get my vote,” Maher told The Hill.

Is Maher being facetious with this? I so hope he is because I really liked him. His documentary on religions was amazing. I watched it 4 times and want to watch it again because it was so funny.

He can’t be such an idiot, can he?

22 thoughts on “Tell Me Bill Maher Is Not an Idiot

  1. It’s possible he’s being facetious. But then again:

    Bill Maher has always prided himself on being contrarian and libertarian. He’s never women in general, let alone Hillary Clinton. Rand Paul and Bill Maher vibrate to the same level of smarm so it’s natural that Bill Maher would like Rand Paul.

    Also More of his positions on various topics


      1. Both Paul and Maher are anti-vaccine, but I was talking about Maher specifically, since he’s a denialist of germ theory; I don’t know if Paul is too, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
        On that note: I’d be really terrified to shake hands with someone who was a germ theory denialist.


    1. Both of those claims are false. He’s expressed skepticism about flu vaccines and made some offhand comments about germ theory but denies being a denier. Weird how people jump to label others without even performing a quick google search to confirm.


  2. he doesn’t believe vaccines cause autism. He’s just skeptical about flu vaccines. Flu vaccines are extremely profitable and their efficacy isn’t generally well established which makes some level of skepticism appropriate. Big difference


  3. I’d never heard of Bill Maher before your post, but I had heard of Rand Paul, and he doesn’t seem to be such a belligerent war monger as Obama (and Bush before him) so he;d probably get my vote if I had one. Oh, wait a bit, it’s RON Paul I’d heard of, so scratch that… I know nothing about Rand Paul’s warmongering proclivities.


      1. Ha, it would kill a social conservative even to utter the word “gay,” but they’ll perform every kind of linguistic gymnastics that can get “homosexual” and “pedophile” into the same sentence.


      1. What makes you think I support Putin?
        Disagreement with the warmongering rhetoric of people like Obama, Bush, Clinton and Blair does not amount to support for Putin.
        And agreement with the anti-warmongering rhetoric of Ron Paul does not mean that I agree with everything he says, nor with everything that Putin says either.


        1. Talking about “civil war in Ukraine” and “Ukrainian separatists” equals supporting Putin. It’s like talking about WMDs in Iraq. If you believe in their existence, you are pro-Bush whether you want it or not.


      2. The meme wars are real, even for non-combatants.

        It indeed makes a difference whether you say “work stoppage” or “lockout”, whether you say “inheritance tax” or “death tax”, whether you say “Democratic” or “Democrat”, whether…


  4. Obama has drone bombed legions of innocents across the Mideast. His ratings are worse there than W Bush’s were. The difference is, none of these countries were once, in any part, the United States. Obama should send Putin his Nobel.


    1. Ukraine was never part of Russia either. It is shocking that theer are still people who are not aware of this very basic information. Are you a high-school dropout?


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