Le Filet Restaurant in Montréal: A Review

Welcome to Montréal ‘ s best restaurant, Le filet. Montréal is a culinary capital of the world, and amazing restaurants abound. Le filet, however, really stands out in terms of its elegant food and uncharacteristically warm and friendly  (for Montréal) service.

The restaurant serves a tapas menu where each smaller (yet very far from tiny) dish is meant to be shared.

Le filet’s chef knows how to avoid turning scallops into a boring dish:


Does this even look like the scallops you are used to seeing?

The restaurant’s stellar hamachi comes covered with a mound of really amazing salad:


The tuna tartar is absolutely the best I ever tried:


Unfortunately, the restaurant made the really incomprehensible decision to discontinue it’s stellar mushroom pie we normally had at this stage of the dinner, so we had the bass instead:


The desserts are also delightful:


Do make sure you visit this great place if you are ever in Montréal.

3 thoughts on “Le Filet Restaurant in Montréal: A Review

  1. It is! The two chefs are Japanese and french. It is hands down the best restaurant in the city. And we are spoiled with amazing choices!


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