Trevor Noah

So some raging anti-Semite had to be dug out of somewhere in South Africa to grace the Daily Show with his absent sense of humor? Because everybody around here is even less funny, or something?


3 thoughts on “Trevor Noah

    1. I’m not talking about jokes. I’m talking about comments. The comment about the Jewish kid and the German car obviously didn’t aim to be a joke. The guy is sick.

      And as for jokes, I’m yet to hear him say anything that was funny. Yesterday, there were many clips from his routines on CNN and they were all completely flat. And I love stand up comedy.


      1. I’m pretty sure the car thing was meant to be a joke. Jewish Americans liking German made cars is a minor but long standing thread in Jewish humor in the US

        for one example, the Sarah Silverman song “I love you more”

        relevant lyrics

        Jewish people driving German cars
        Jewish people driving German cars
        Jewy people buying German cars
        What the cock is that shit?

        But maybe it’s like Take Back the Night
        Maybe it’s like how bleeding hearts grow old and swing to the right
        Maybe it’s like when a faggot calls himself a faggot

        Jewish people driving german cars
        It’s the opposite of fubu*…

        *for us by us

        video linkg

        I’m not saying it was a funny joke and I have no opinion on his overall funniness (what little I’ve seen is pretty unimpressive) but yeah, it was meant as a joke.


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