The White House Causes September

Remember how I told you about the typically American incapacity to admit the basic humanity of anybody who is not American? Here is an example:

As this NYT story illustrates, the White House is going to great lengths to make it look as if Putin is desperate to meet with Obama.

According to this mentality, whenever anything in the world happens, it has got to be the result of Americans’ actions.

In reality, though, the White House doesn’t make anything look like or whatever. Putin is really desperate for this meeting. Every single independent commentator in Russia or specializing in the subject of Russia has been pointing this out for months. For Putin, this meeting is an enormous win over the “weak and dumb” Americans and especially over the “[nasty racist words] Obama.” This has been all over the Russian media and it’s not the result of White House’s make-believe strategies.

It’s getting so that we will soon hear that “the White House is going to great lengths to make it look like it’s September.”

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