The Countdown Begins

Today is December 1, and that means I have exactly one month left to wind down my crazy research extravaganza that has lasted for a little over a year. The house is filled with library books that cover every available surface, my brain boils and gives me the weirdest dreams known to humanity, and the neighbors probably know me as the lady with the crazy hair who walks around in a daze, mumbling and bumping into trees and mail boxes.

One article has been handed it with final revisions completed. Now I have to finish revisions on two more articles, do one last rereading and editing of the book, and submit a book proposal to some publishing houses. 

After that, I’m ready to vegetate for 55 days.

8 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins

  1. Well that is a lot more productive than I have been this year. I finished writing three journal articles one of which has been accepted and the other two I am still waiting on.


    1. You have nothing to complain about in terms of productivity, my friend.

      I’ve had to speed things up enormously this year because of a confluence of circumstances outside of my control. Usually, I don’t do this kind of thing.


  2. Is it wrong that I find that an excellent state of being?

    If you’re not mumbling incoherently, you’re not really living.


  3. “The house is filled with library books that cover every available surface …”

    I have an end-of-year deadline as well, and today it did in fact involve books that covered every available surface.

    That’s because today I wrapped in plastic and packed into boxes roughly 720 lb of books, most of which are hardbacks …

    I’m not even remotely close to being done yet.

    Enjoy your deadline!

    [BTW, you know you have enough tape guns and packing tape when it’s no longer possible to misplace them …]


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