With everything that’s going on, people believe it’s a good idea to waste their lives on parsing the dumb YouTube videos of some idol of the gerks with an unpronounceable Greek name. 


3 thoughts on “Mystery”

  1. All I take from it is a lot of people are morally depraved and will put up with almost anything or turn a blind eye if the person says what they want to hear and/or hates the people they hate and/or helps them sell things.


  2. What bothers me about the Milo situation is all of the people on the left who think that his downfall is a political victory. No, it’s not–it’s just the end of the current “career” of an idiot in desperate need of attention. Did you hear that Julian Assange indirectly defended Milo by lambasting the latter’s publisher for its decision to not publish his book? Assange called it “censorship.” LOL. Where was he when one of my academic articles was rejected and I needed some support? 🙂


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