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Do Your Job!

Just watched a news report on the town hall meeting with Tom Cotton. Seeing the people chant “Do your job!” was amazing. We really need to do something like this to Rauner. I understand that he’s a Republican and the people voted for him to do his Republican thing. It’s the will of the people, and I accept that. It’s his complete refusal to do a lick of work because he prefers to throw parties and go from one “charity” dinner to another that bugs me. He’s not promoting any Republican goals. He’s not promoting any goals. He parties and parties and parties some more. 


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One thought on “Do Your Job!

  1. Forcing politicians to work – isn’t that “Cruel and unusual punishment”?

    Anybody who has a tip for a link to a site ranking US newspapers and other media – for quality, and for political stand?
    (I had it quite good in my head in the 70’s, but since then, those neurons has disappeared, it seems)


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