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About Klara

It’s so enjoyable to observe Klara, folks. We were on the verandah and she wanted to pull herself up to grab the edge of the table. But the table is too high and she couldn’t grab it. So she looked around, saw a chair on the other side of the table, crawled to it, pulled herself up and then could reach the table. 

It’s amazing how she can make a plan and follow through. 

It’s also a wonder to observe her when she shows me how to do things. For instance, if she wants me to make a toy squeak, she puts it in my hand and squeezes to show what I need to do. 

“Maybe she’ll become a teacher,” N says. 

“No!” I scream. “Anything but!”

She also loves to rummage around in my mouth, so I’m hoping she’ll become interested in dentistry. 


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