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The Good of Trump

Something good might come out of the Trump administration: it’s possible that Trump might liberate Kansas from Brownback. And foist him on us all federally but that doesn’t matter since national politics has lost all importance. 

I’m now hoping that Trump would take Rauner back to the mother ship, too.  


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6 thoughts on “The Good of Trump

  1. Stringer Bell on said:

    I wonder how many states need to go bankrupt before republicans admit that supply side economics is stupid.


  2. adrianaurelien on said:

    The best potential Democratic candidate for Ohio governor announced he wasn’t running because felt it was better to stay focused on national politics. In many ways he’s a good politician, but that was a very poor choice. Now we’re stuck with a bunch of candidates with the charisma of a soggy loaf of bread. This is Ohio, land of the boring politicians, they have to be on Obama’s level. They just need to have basic public speaking skills and be more exciting than Mike DeWine, a man who looks like a walking corpse. But none of them are.


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