First Steps

Klara took her first steps yesterday. Everybody asks me if I filmed it but I don’t understand how it could have been done. She’s been standing on her own for a while, and save for filming her constantly, there was no way of knowing that this was going to be the time she’d decide to take the first step. 

Besides, I almost never even have the phone when I’m around her because she’ll try to grab it, and it’s an expensive phone. 

N gives her his phone to play with because it’s a $20 burner he’s had for years. What’s hilarious I’d that she asks us to open it and when we do, she presses it to her ear and pretends to talk. I have no idea where she learned it because she almost never sees us talk on the phone. Maybe she saw me a couple of times but she does a fantastic impression of me talking. She raises her eyes and looks up and to the right when she “talks,” just like I do. And she says, “Da. . . da,” which is “yes” in Russian. (She only ever heard me speak Russian on the phone.) It’s hilarious. 

6 thoughts on “First Steps”

  1. Also, if you’re filming it, you pretty much miss out on enjoying the achievement in the moment and sharing that with her. Of course we filmed some early steps a day or two later but not the very first ones.


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