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A Russian Colleague 

I just got an email from somebody who is a Russian-speaker and who works at my university. She suggests we meet for lunch, and I normally wouldn’t mind, but I always fear a Russian-speaker turning out to be a Putinoid. She refers to herself as a “Russian colleague”, which might be a bad sign. 

Should I go decked out in my Ukrainian patriot attire, just to make things clear from the start?


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13 thoughts on “A Russian Colleague 

  1. You could answer the email and end it with
    Slava Ukrainie! at the bottom and see if she finds a reason to cancel.

    Otherwise it might be a very short lunch….


  2. Alex on said:

    Just wear this hat and see if she gets the irony.


  3. You may also pretend that you are trying to enlist her as the “agent of the State Department”. Or do it for real. 🙂 🙂 Under any circumstances – do not forget to offer her some cookies.


  4. Basya on said:

    Sorry, I meant to write ‘did NOT’


  5. Basya on said:

    The fact that this person did try to meet me is a sure sign that this is a putinoid )))


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