Last Day of Classes

The worst thing about my job is that so many people in my profession are total, irredeemable and utter freaks.

This is why the three people I’m closest to (N, my sister and my BFF) are not in academia. It’s not that all academics are like this, of course, but the risk of running into a freak are too high. 


6 thoughts on “Last Day of Classes”

  1. Yes. I thought the hooopla over this was silly: the model looked perfectly professional and was wearing an outfit that is financially accessible for most tenure track profs. I also noticed a lot of flack because the model was wearing heels and there seemed to be some common consensus that people can’t possibly teach in heels? And this was news to me since I wear heels almost every day. Not super high heels of course. But I do like my heels–and so do many of my female academic friends. It’s hardly unheard of.

    In a weird way, I actually see the ad as something actively positive. We all know that the position of “tenure track professor” is disappearing. And many (most) of us think this is terribly sad–our profession serves a beautiful and noble purpose and we want it to remain. And one way to help ensure our profession remains alive is to make sure it remains active in the public imagination–that it remains embedded in the stories we tell as a culture. So I would argue that we need to see our profession reflected in popular TV shows, movies, and yes even silly commericals. Whether or not these portrayals are realistic is beside the point. Because once people stop imagining and thinking about college professors, than the profession will be well and truly dead.


    1. That’s exactly what I think!! I also thought the ad was a good thing for the same reasons. I don’t wear heels anywhere but many of my colleagues do, so the ad is hardly completely unrealistic. And yes, I want more portrayals of professors that remove the aura of horrible scary crusty folks that we do often see in the media.


  2. Hilarious. :-p These are all cute informal or business casual looks (probably not aimed at academics trying to look professional? Where do people shop anyways for this stuff?)

    At least that look doesn’t include something like “extraneous tweed and suede patches in weird places” or “boob pocket protectors” or “boucle butt ringers” or “thin unlined pencil skirt with butt pads” or “hobnail high heel boots with the toes cut out”.


  3. Yeah, I didn’t understand what all the outrage was about when I saw this story, either. And the woman is African-American, right? I thought that the typical SJW’s would love this and say, “See? Black women can be professors, too.”


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