Where did all the dandelions go all of a sudden? Are they no longer in season or whatever? I have a child here who loves to pick dandelions and accepts nothing instead. 

She also loves to watch the bunnies we have in the back yard. The only problem is that when a bunny runs away, she wants me to pick her up and chase after it. Which is not very realistic. 


3 thoughts on “Dandelions”

  1. Nature warning:

    Many beautiful wildflowers are poisonous, but dandelions are safe for people to eat in small amounts (I don’t recommend letting Klara eat any), and you can find recipes on the Internet to make a tasty dandelion wine.

    Bunnies are cute, but some male rabbits are territorial and will bite if you intrude on “their” space.

    Is Klara too big for your lurking eagles/hawks to carry away now?


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