A Good Sign

These days, the candidates who are more desperate to raise money are the ones who’ll lose. So this is a very good sign


5 thoughts on “A Good Sign”

    1. This is inane even by current standards where the election season for President is effectively two years long.

      “I’m campaigning on my glorious record of 6 months!” Everything he “accomplished” is all Congress’s doing. Gorusch? That was all McConnell’s fuckery.
      “I appointed a Cabinet!” Yes, you and every other President. “I signed some orders stuck in courts!”

      At this rate, the next time we have a Democratic president the Vatican will anoint them for sainthood, and the Queen of England (assuming she’s still alive) will bestow an OBE in sheer relief that this person isn’t Trump, in addition to a pointless Nobel.

      Iowa? Only non entities like Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz camp out in Iowa that early.


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