For 2 days, every news channel, blogger and print edition has been going nuts over the ridiculous “Trump says he’s got no tapes of Comey” story. 

Fuck, will anybody at least try to report any real news?


6 thoughts on “Non-news”

  1. He was either lying then or he’s lying now. You’d think knowing previous lawyers never met with the man alone would clue them in.
    They need to report on this health care bill.


  2. Hey, now ….societies need their red herrings to snag the public’s mindset with so that the average person doesn’t start getting the notion to begin analyzing and questioning and investigating.
    “Keep ’em hypnotized!” they say …..


  3. Everyone was busy talking about Pelosi yesterday rather than talking about the healthcare bill. I even got caught up in it for a while, but then a friend snapped me back to sanity and I emailed my senator. When Trump tweets about an issue, it’s a sign that there’s something more important going on that we should be focusing on. I’ll leave the debate about Pelosi to members of the House.


      1. Trumpcare is out of the Democrats’ hands, anyway. It will either pass or fail in the Senate because of Republican votes. On the other hand, Pelosi’s fate will play a big role in the direction the Democratic Party goes between now and 2018.


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