So, so sad about John McCain. 

Fuck cancer. 


5 thoughts on “McCain”

  1. Since no one else is coming forward to express sympathy for John McCain’s health, I’ll add my two cents. Despite his botched Presidential run against Obama in 2008, he has been a staunch mostly conservative voice for Republican issues, and a good Senator for Arizona. I wish him a speedy recovery and return to the Senate to continue to push for Republican values.


    1. Yes, McCain is a Republican. But who or what is preventing a Democrat to learn something about Ukraine, to get a bit informed? I’m not even saying go visit the troops that are fighting for democracy and for a country where gays aren’t slaughtered like dogs. I’m not even saying do that, like McCain did. But how about learn something about the region so that Russian antics don’t become such a total revelation.


  2. What a piece of shit this guy is. Imagine leaving your deathbed to vote for this.


  3. Deathbed? Between his taxpayer funded health care and his second wife’s fortune, he has access to the best health care on the planet. In addition, he surely has his mother’s genes for longevity (she’s 105).

    It looks bad, but I think he’ll be around for longer than doctors predict.


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