Kids Today

Kids today are crazy smart. Yesterday when I came to pick Klara up at daycare, a tiny little boy saw me, ran to Klara’s cubby, picked her bag, brought it to me and said, “Klara!”  And here’s the kicker: they have all just been moved to a new room, and Klara’s had that cubby for exactly two days. Plus, cubbies in this room are located in two different places. And still he knew exactly where to go.

And then on the playground, a little girl fell and started crying. Klara saw it and said, “Hurt! Sad!” And made a sad face. 

When we came home from the playground, Klara rubbed her eyes and said, “Nap!” A kid who asks to go to sleep is a kid who makes a parent very happy. 

I had no idea that kids could do so much and express themselves so well at this age. It’s truly amazing.


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