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Moral Leadership

Isn’t it stunning that moral leadership in this country is now the purview of CEOs and hedge fund managers?

Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind. I’m quoting a newscaster on MSNBC who has been gushing about the moral goodness of the very rich for the past 15 minutes. 


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19 thoughts on “Moral Leadership

  1. Sadly, evangelical churches have been embracing prosperity theology for some time, which I always felt was antithetical to the New Testament, but what do I know, I’m not a mega-church preacher with a 5 million dollar home and 3 mistresses.


  2. Read somewhere else: The conventional wisdom for thousands of years was that richer people were better people. It was only for a time in the 20th century (and the beginning of the 21st) that that wasn’t the case. Being in the middle of it, we didn’t realize how unusual that was.

    Now we’re just returning to an old status quo not breaking any new ground with regarding the heads corporations as the moral superiors of the deplorables who can’t find work and have addiction issues…


    • It’s MSNBC I’m watching. And I have a feeling that this will be the official 2018 election strategy for the Democrats: highly moral CEOs will lead us to progress and defeat the backwards, dumb deplorables who are morally inferior.”


      • “I have a feeling that this will be the official 2018 election strategy for the Democrats:”

        I can only imagine three reasons why they would do this

        they think they can rig the voting and/or vote counting
        they want to lose (but want to make it look like they’re trying to win)
        they are dangerously disengaged from reality


        • Or – it’s easy and it pays in huge consulting fees and donations.


        • Shakti on said:

          Mobs of people voted for the guy whose one qualification was “My piles of money make me right and moral” and “money is the only measure of success.” Why shouldn’t the Democratic party chase after those people instead of bothering with people who already vote for them? :-p


  3. Stringer Bell on said:

    Just laying the path for Zuckerberg for Dem nominee in 2020.


    • Yes, that would be the nightmare scenario.


      • “that would be the nightmare scenario”

        It’s clearly what he’s intending, but I…. don’t see it going anywhere. A presidential candidate needs some charisma to win, even negative charisma (a la Clinton or Nixon) can work if played correctly.

        Zuckerberg is neuter charisma. He makes Hillary Clinton look like Charismina Queen of the of Charisma Planet. He makes a puddle of water look like a tsunami.


  4. The Dark Avenger on said:

    “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.”


  5. Alex the Physicist on said:

    It’s all about the concept of social justice as diversifying the 1%. OK, so the bank fraudulently forecloses on people, but the team of lawyers and accountants doing it is diverse! OK, so the factory pollutes the water that poor kids (of whatever skin tone) have to drink, but the company’s management team is diverse!

    “As Paris has become not just the richest city in France but the richest city in the history of France, its residents have come to describe their politics as “on the left”—a judgment that tomorrow’s historians might dispute. Most often, Parisians mean what Guilluy calls la gauche hashtag, or what we might call the “glass-ceiling Left,” preoccupied with redistribution among, not from, elites: we may have done nothing for the poor, but we did appoint the first disabled lesbian parking commissioner.”


    • That’s exactly how it works. And how sad that people are so eagerly buying into such a cheap trick.


    • Stringer Bell on said:

      “It’s all about the concept of social justice as diversifying the 1%. OK, so the bank fraudulently forecloses on people, but the team of lawyers and accountants doing it is diverse!”

      Yes, yes, yes!


  6. Dreidel on said:

    Are you guys/girls writing for “The Onion”???

    The current Democratic Party National Committee leadership — Thomas Perez and Keith Ellison — are actively pushing to make “income inequality” the big issue in the coming elections.

    That’s hardly a “We love the rich!” campaign!


    • It’s all a joke until they drop the cliches (nobody gives a crap about ‘inequality’) and start coming up with something fresh and meaningful.


    • Alex the Physicist on said:

      And they’ll fumble it by making it about redistribution rather than opportunities for better jobs. The poor will find it condescending, the rich will find it threatening (to the extent that they find it credible), and the rest will see it as socialism for the unworthy. So bad politics all around.


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