Progressive Neoliberalism

This is how Nancy Fraser describes progressive neoliberalism:

In its US form, progressive neoliberalism is an alliance of mainstream currents of new social movements (feminism, anti-racism, multiculturalism and LGBTQ rights) on the one side, and high-end ‘symbolic’ and service-based sectors of business (Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood) on the other. In this alliance, progressive forces are effectively joined with the forces of cognitive capitalism, especially financialization. However unwittingly, the former lend their charisma to the latter. Ideals like diversity and empowerment gloss policies that have devastated manufacturing and the middle-class livelihoods that were once available to those engaged in it.

This is precisely what I meant with the preceding post.


5 thoughts on “Progressive Neoliberalism”

  1. Progressive neoliberalism distilled in one picture. Jet fighters raising awareness for breast cancer awareness month.


  2. Thank you for this quote, very helpful in understanding the ideas you present here. Is this from “Fortunes of Feminism”? Or another book?


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