Pay Attention

We thought watching House of Cards would be boring in the current political climate so we put it off for months. Now we are finally watching it, and the show is actually quite engrossing. Especially the strategy on how to avoid holding elections if you know you won’t be reelected. 

I think this is a possibility we all need to consider. It’s not that hard to accomplish. But of course it will only become a concern if the Democrats stop scaring away voters and make even just a half-assed little effort to come up with a platform. Ending the ridiculous debate over who was more evil, Hillary or Bernie, would be a swell idea. 

By Democrats I mean all Democrats, not just the elected officials. If the same number of people who FBs ridiculous weepy memes showed up to the regular meetings held by our hard-working state representative, things would begin to change. 


9 thoughts on “Pay Attention”

  1. It’s been quite awful for a long time now. I just cannot take his annoying voiceovers and him breaking the fourth wall all the time.

    If you have to convey your true feelings through voiceovers all the time it means either you’re a shitty actor, or you have shitty writers, or both.

    Kevin Spacey, about to talk to a group of people in his office: ‘I really despise these people.’

    Wow, thanks for telling us. You had one job: to enable the viewer to access your character’s deepest desires and motivations through your acting. Too much work, I guess. So just blurt it out every five minutes, why don’tcha?


      1. I’ve stopped following the show after the second season, so I can’t really speak to the details of it… But describing it as “one job” is incorrect. Spacey’s job is to portray an expert manipulator, so someone who is excellent at concealing his deepest desires and motivations. If his mask kept slipping for the benefit of the audience, it would strain credulity – even more than it already has been – that he’s as successful as he is. The device of the voiceover is generally there to maintain that feeling of duplicity, which is why it’s not employed whenever Spacey is free to convey his actual feelings and motivations.


        1. I’m confused, the asides to the audience were part and parcel of the show from the beginning (taken directly from the BBD original). and I agree with DWeird about the purpose.

          They’ve added voiceovers too?


          1. I wish there were asides in the real life version of the show. Because something needs to jolt people out of the mesmerized stupor.

            Breaking the illusion that what happens on stage is real is a very old tradition with a political meaning. The idea is that viewers should always remember that the show is all fake, a pretense. Today, especially, it’s a crucial but rare skill.


  2. I stopped watching it a while ago because as I’ve said before, it is wildly implausible that he was the 1)only sociopath or 2)the best sociopath in DC . “It’s so realistic”, some say. It’s just as realistic as the rainbow-flavored, Kumbaya-singing, walk-talk fest of The West Wing.


  3. I stopped with the episode where she leaves the whitehouse and debated continuing, but a description of the episodes after that did not encourage me.

    Is it worth picking up the current season after skipping the last?


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