Why are all the fun kid activities planned for the same weekend in this town? On September 22, we have a visit from Moana, on September 22-23 there’s a hot balloon festival, and on September 22-24 there’s an Art Fair. 

But there’s nothing at all in the weeks before and after. 


5 thoughts on “Crowded”

  1. Might it be related to local schools holiday timetables? In the UK, during mid term breaks and long weekends, there will often be more kids activities available (usually with the main aim of emptying parents wallets 😉 )


    1. I can’t wait for Halloween. Klara is going trick or treating for the first time! I don’t know what to do with the candy, though. She doesn’t understand candy yet and we can’t have any.


  2. There’s always activities and festivals going on left-and-right.
    Nobody’s content with a simple walk-in-the-park anymore. Which is free, and doesn’t involve a timetable or elaborate planning and strategies.


    1. We are! 🙂 We just came back from an amazing long walk in the Gardens. We go every Sunday now that it’s not too hot. There is a pond with turtles!

      The only thing that’s missing is a bathroom


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