Fort Myers and Irma

Did Irma get to Fort Myers? What’s its strength right now?

I’m very worried. It’s a lot harder to accept when it’s a place you know well.


8 thoughts on “Fort Myers and Irma”

  1. It hit Cuba yesterday. Looks like it’s right off the coast. It’s a Category 4 right now, and it looks like it’s going to go right up the west coast of Florida. It’s due to hit in Florida around tomorrow morning.


  2. Irma is Category 3 now, they say it might pick up strength again, who knows.

    It’s not going to reach the Fort Myers area until late Sunday night and it’s going to go right over my area very early Monday morning. The concern is not so much for being in the direct part as for the storm surge. So far in my county they’ve issued mandatory evacuation orders for zones A &B. I’m in Zone C.

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  3. On deciding to ride out the storm:
    “Yeah, we’re sticking it out.
    Beer’s in the ‘fridge, hotdogs are in the freezer, buns are on the counter, the grill’s in the living room.
    We’re gonna PAR-R-R-R-R-TEE-E-E!!!!!!!!!”

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