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Pickled Garlic

The farmer I tried to buy 2lbs of garlic from reacted as if I asked him to engage in unnatural sexual practiced with his tractor. Have people never heard of pickled garlic? This is rural Midwest, I thought people pickled garlic for fun. 

I did finally wrench my 2lbs of garlic from the farmer, by the way.


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14 thoughts on “Pickled Garlic

  1. Socal dendrite on said:

    I’ve never tried pickled garlic, but it sounds delicious!


  2. Shakti on said:

    There are no restaurants where you live that would use 2 lb of garlic in the ordinary way of cooking?

    I never buy garlic from the grocery store because they sell such pitiful amounts.


  3. Two pounds of garlic isn’t a lot of garlic, at least where I’m from. My dad buys it by the pound at the local farmers market.


  4. There used to be a place in Budapest that sold a weirdly delicious little snack. It was small pitted plum with a clove of garlic where the pit had been. Then it was pickled.

    The contrast in taste was very weird at first but I quickly became addicted.

    They also sold small pickled melons, also delicious.


  5. A couple of summers ago I visited the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight. They didn’t sell actual pickled garlic but I came away with two strings of different varieties of garlic plus several jars including garlic and horseradish mustard which was great! I also make chutney with my home grown apples and damsons, this involves a good proportion of garlic – which I don’t grow. Maybe I should.
    Hope your garlic pickle turns out wonderful!


  6. I have to admit that I found this garlic thread very soothing.


  7. Alex the Physicist on said:

    If you are ever in northern California you must go to Gilroy, the Garlic Capital of the World.


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