Pickled Garlic

The farmer I tried to buy 2lbs of garlic from reacted as if I asked him to engage in unnatural sexual practiced with his tractor. Have people never heard of pickled garlic? This is rural Midwest, I thought people pickled garlic for fun. 

I did finally wrench my 2lbs of garlic from the farmer, by the way.


14 thoughts on “Pickled Garlic”

  1. There are no restaurants where you live that would use 2 lb of garlic in the ordinary way of cooking?

    I never buy garlic from the grocery store because they sell such pitiful amounts.


      1. No Italian place buys garlic in bulk for their dishes? I’d imagine a restaurant would go through that much garlic in short order.

        Yes, but they probably use like one clove for flavor.

        This is the first recipe for pickling garlic Google suggested. It suggests a half cup of garlic and it doesn’t last that long (iow it’s not canned in a mason jar to sit on your shelf).


  2. There used to be a place in Budapest that sold a weirdly delicious little snack. It was small pitted plum with a clove of garlic where the pit had been. Then it was pickled.

    The contrast in taste was very weird at first but I quickly became addicted.

    They also sold small pickled melons, also delicious.


  3. A couple of summers ago I visited the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight. They didn’t sell actual pickled garlic but I came away with two strings of different varieties of garlic plus several jars including garlic and horseradish mustard which was great! I also make chutney with my home grown apples and damsons, this involves a good proportion of garlic – which I don’t grow. Maybe I should.
    Hope your garlic pickle turns out wonderful!


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