Still Worried

The blog readership has dropped off a cliff since Friday. It’s like 80% of my readers are in Florida.

It’s still not clear how bad the surge will be and how deep the damage. But the evacuation seems to have been impressive.


10 thoughts on “Still Worried”

  1. We got VERY lucky. There was a county wide curfew at 5 pm on Sunday and they closed the bridges going out of the county and connecting the barrier islands. We actually drove up to a shelter, checked in and then went back home. We had no water damage on our street and no wind damage. Just a lot of tree leaves and branches in the street yesterday. The power kept flickering and cycling but it never went completely out. But a lot of places have no power. There were a lot of downed power lines, downed trees and closed roads in the county. We ventured out yesterday and any restaurant that was open was simply mobbed. I saw several blown down fences and trees. There is a sewage leak in one beach community.


    1. “We actually drove up to a shelter, checked in and then went back home”

      Very glad to hear you and yours made it through okay.

      So you didn’t stay in the shelter? Are you Atlantic or Gulf Coast?


  2. Nope. We got there and something set my dad off. Maybe it was the wrist tags or the fact the only room was to sit in the middle school hallway. He can’t really rough it anyways since he’s a diabetic prone to low sugar attacks and normally uses a sleep apnea machine.

    We’re near the Gulf Coast. Driving very far wasn’t an option anyways since that meant going inland. The neighboring county is still under a state of emergency because they’re worried about the river flooding.


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