Google Headphones to the Rescue

​But tucked into the tail end of the presentation, Google quietly revealed that it had changed the world with a pair of wireless headphones. Not to be outdone by Apple’s Air Pods and their wirelessly-charging TicTac storage case, Google packed its headphones with the power to translate between 40 languages, literally in real-time. The company has finally done what science fiction and countless Kickstarters have been promising us, but failing to deliver on, for years. This technology could fundamentally change how we communicate across the global community.

Oh, I hope it works. At least, some day. 

Yes, I’m really tired of teaching language.


One thought on “Google Headphones to the Rescue”

  1. Are you familiar with It’s a very large site for writers in all genres and has a “virtual real time” any language to any language capability. (Translating poetry is way more sophisticated than anything Google can do.)
    Lyn uses it (she moderates some groups there). My recollection is that the membership is up over 1 million, spread across most of the planet.


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