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Arguing about Weapons

Trump supporters both in RL and on FB are telling me that thanks to Trump you can no longer purchase automatic weapons. And that makes them very happy because Trump solved a serious problem. Where are they getting this? It’s got to be based on something, right? These are completely unrelated people. 

I need something to tell them but this is one argument I didn’t anticipate.


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6 thoughts on “Arguing about Weapons

  1. David Bellamy on said:

    It has been illegal to sell new automatic weapons for decades. However, older ones are still available, as I understand it.


  2. Dreidel on said:

    The term “automatic weapons” refers to weapons that will fire continuously while you hold the trigger down — in other words, machine guns, Israeli Uzis, and genuine military assault rifles.

    Automatic weapons have been illegal in America since the gangster days of the 1930s, although the law allowed some exceptions for “collectors” until 1986, when all civilian sales were outlawed.

    What the idiots on FB and RL are yammering about is the current proposal to ban certain now legal modifications to semi-automatic weapons (which fire once with each trigger pull) that will allow a shooter to fire the semi-automatic weapons at a much faster than normal rate.

    That proposal will probably become law (and it should — every little bit in the right direction helps). But it won’t do much more to stop mass shootings than Trump’s wall will do to stop illegal immigration. It’s mainly a feel-good measure.


  3. With the NRA supporting the ban, and bills introduced by both parties, this should pass. What’s dead (for now) is legal action on silencers.


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